We’re coaster
enthusiasts too.

After his junior year of high school, my son Alex proposed taking a long trip to some amusement parks. You know the ones—Cedar Point, Six Flags Great Adventure, Kings Island, Six Flags Over Georgia, Hersheypark, Dollywood, Holiday World and more. He had yet to ride legendary coasters including Kingda Ka, Fury 325, Iron Rattler and Millennium Force—and he was going to cross them all off his list in about 10 glorious days.

His plan? Drive from park to park. In a car full of teenagers. At night. On no rest.

It sounded like fun, but not very practical. After a little thought, I decided to do him one better. We’d hit as many parks as humanly possible each summer, travel in style on a charter bus, and make a bunch of new friends all along the way.

And now, we’ve made all the arrangements and we’ve got room for at least one more. So, what do you say—are you up for the ultimate coaster odyssey?